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Stamboom Binque

Stamboom Binque

Ken Sigel's Famous Tartan Ol’ Kyarnrowen’s Dressed to Kilt NJK’ 15 Tofthus’ Augustus Tofthus’ Murphy
Tofthus’ Katrina
Black Thunder’s Litle Nordic Girl “IMP” (Noorw.) NKK 49467/12 Kalan Kingsburgh SKK 58844/2011 CH., Nl.CH.
Magnum Opus Unbelievable Sweete SKK 61705/2006 NOR.CH.
Ken Sigel’s Famous Grouse Cairn Bries Creed Magical Golden Coins “IMP” (Dtsl.) TZB 06/24211 Cairn-Lady’s Who’s There Win TZB 06/15881 CH., INT., VDH., CZ., POL.CH.
Cairn Bries Wenke II TZB 06/20589
KAMP. Ol’ Kyarnrowen’s On Special Request VW. ’15 Nvk. ’15 Tofthus’ Andy “IMP” (Den.) DKK 8201/04
KAMP. Ol’ Kyarnrowen’s Groovy Kind of Love CW.’03, W. ’03
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