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Stamboom nest Kappa 2018

Stamboom nest Kappa 2018

Puppy's Cairnvangens Eliots Tjeppo Jarku Cairnvangens Eliot Glenquin's Hairy Hunter
Tjeps Oineus Lesani
Tjeps Vavdos Aetie Tjeps Japetos Vavdos
Tjeps Aematos Elasa
Ken Sigel’s Famous Grouse Cairn Bries Creed Magical Golden Coins “IMP” (Dtsl.) TZB 06/24211 Cairn-Lady’s Who’s There Win TZB 06/15881 CH., INT., VDH., CZ., POL.CH.
Cairn Bries Wenke II TZB 06/20589
KAMP. Ol’ Kyarnrowen’s On Special Request VW. ’15 Nvk. ’15 Tofthus’ Andy “IMP” (Den.) DKK 8201/04
KAMP. Ol’ Kyarnrowen’s Groovy Kind of Love CW.’03, W. ’03
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