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Stamboom Kiwi

Stamboom Kiwi

Ken Sigel's Bourbon 23-12-2014 KAMP. Kiokas I Hear You Knocking “IMP” (Den.) DKK 6993/13,CW. ’15 KAMP. Tofthus’ Quite A Champ “IMP” (Den.), DKK 1024/11 Tofthus’ Umberto DKK 15523/07 CH.
Tofthus’ Canella DKK 22553/04
Kiokas First One DKK 3692/09 CH.,INT.,DTS.,VDH. CH. Mambo No, 5 of barnsley TZB 06/17510 CH., VDH. CH.
Nordcairn’s My Sexy Lady DKK 1119/04
Ken Sigel’s Famous Grouse Cairn Bries Creed Magical Golden Coins “IMP” (Dtsl.) TZB 06/24211 Cairn-Lady’s Who’s There Win TZB 06/15881 CH., INT., VDH., CZ., POL.CH.
Cairn Bries Wenke II TZB 06/20589
KAMP. Ol’ Kyarnrowen’s On Special Request VW. ’15 Nvk. ’15 Tofthus’ Andy “IMP” (Den.) DKK 8201/04
KAMP. Ol’ Kyarnrowen’s Groovy Kind of Love CW.’03, W. ’03
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